How to Import References from My NCBI’s My Bibliography into an EndNote Library??

December 18, 2013 – Yingting

Most of us have already known how to import references from PubMed search results into EndNote. What if you want to import the references that have already been saved into your My Bibliography in My NCBI? Below are the steps that you may follow to do so:

  • Log into My NCBI at the upper right corner at
  • Click on My NCBI at the upper right corner after login.
  • Click on “Manage My Bibliography »” at the bottom of the My Bibliography box.
  • Select All or just the desired references by clicking in the boxes next to the references.
  • Then click on the “Download as text” button.
  • In the “Opening medline.txt” popup window, choose “Save File” and then click OK. Note: remember where you saved the txt file.
  • Launch EndNote program
  • Under the File menu, go to Import –> File… .
  • When the Import File popup window appears, browse to choose the medline.txt file that you just saved.
  • Make sure in the box next to Import Option is PubMed (NLM).
  • You may import all or discard the duplicates. I usually choose Import All and do the deduplicaiton later.
  • Leave No Translation in the box, then click the Import button, your references should be imported into your EndNote library.

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