URL for Users to Authenticate with in EndNote to Find Fulltext with RUL’s “Get it @ R”

Updated December 10, 2015; Originally posted on November 26, 2013

These steps may vary slightly depending upon which version you’re using but to configure EndNote to work with the Rutgers Libraries’ OpenURL link resolver (“Get it @ R”) (Many thanks to Joseph Deodato for providing the OpenURL path and the proxy prefix):

1. Go to “Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text”
2. Check “Enable OpenURL”
3. For “OpenURL Path” enter: http://linksource.ebsco.com/linking.aspx?
4. For “Authenticate with” enter: https://login.proxy.libraries.rutgers.edu/login?url=
5. Click “OK”

To locate full text for an article in your EndNote library:

1. Double click a reference
2. Select “References > URL > OpenURL Link”
3. Our “Get it @ R” menu will open displaying any available full text options. Use these links to retrieve full text or search library holdings.

For more information on Find Full Text, please visit this link at http://endnote.com/kb/82212 to learn how to optimize Find Full Text results with X2 and later.

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