EndNote X7 for Windows Now Available for RWJ and Smith Library Users to Download

Updated June 30, 2013 – Yingting

EncNote X7 for Windows is now available for RWJ and Smith Library users to download at http://libraries.rbhs.rutgers.edu/endnote/

What’s New in EndNote X7? *

  • Update and synchronize the references in EndNote desktop and web by the click of a button. Maintain and synchronize the references in your desktop library with the references in your web library even across multiple computers.
  • Set your preferences to create clear, organized, and easily searchable names for your PDF documents as you import themby defining your settings in PDF Han-dling preferences.
  • Add citations and reference lists to your Microsoft PowerPoint slides.
  • Add subheadings to your bibliography in Microsoft Word using your own catego-ries or predefined by reference type in an output style–great for distinguishing primary and secondary sources.
  • Better organize your research materials by using new reference types such as In-terview, Podcast, Conference Paper, and Press Release.
  • Reorder column headings in the Library reference list by using drag-anddrop and customize which columns display with just a right-click.
  • Use improved Sync that occurs in the background so that your work is continu-ously backed up and always available online and on your iPad.
  • Quickly identify groups online from within your desktop library.
  • Use new options to control the ratings and read/unread field display.
  • Copy the record number to another field in a reference using the Copy feature from the Change\Move\Copy Fields command.
  • Review program updates automatically.

Should you need help or have any question, please contact your librarians for help.

(* From EndNote X7 Getting Started Guide: http://endnote.com/training/mats/enuserguide/eng/endnote7/enguide-chpt1.pdf)


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