What Do Users Say About EndNote for iPad App?

EndNote for iPad app has been out since the end of January. I downloaded it and tested a little; but really haven’t got a chance to use it extensively. My colleague, Jenny Pierce, just shared this link with me http://www.imedicalapps.com/2013/06/endnote-ipad-app-reference-manager/. The article provided a detailed review of the app. It states that “Overall, this is a reasonable app with lots of features. However, there are other options that are better and easier to use. The biggest pull to use this is the fact that it syncs so seamlessly with the desktop version. This is a huge benefit if EndNote for Desktop is your preferred reference manager.” Hope this review is helpful to you in the use of this app.

Here is what Jenny said about the app: “I have used Endnote on the ipad. I downloaded cites from Pubmed, ERIC and CINAHL.  Pubmed cites didn’t show the indexing terms. I don’t know why not. I like the favorites function and the fact all my groups showed up. It’s a pretty interface.” One user commented at the end of the aforementioned review article that “One thing I’ve discovered, you cannot log out of this app. Not good if multiple people are sharing an iPad.” This was confirmed by Jenny. It can cause problems for libraries that circulate iPads.

FYI, here is a video for “EndNote on iPad: EndNoteSync, PDFs, and Groups” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irSDHh5sBmk, provided by Thomson Reuters. If you have used the app and are willing to share your experience, please post your comments. Thank you.


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