I can’t find the style I want to use in the EndNote desktop program, what should I do?

Here are the options for you:

  • Go to http://www.endnote.com and then click on “support & services” menu; on the left column, choose “Output Styles”. At the next page, search for the style you need. If found, download and save it in your computer at C:\Program Files\EndNote X4\Styles (where X4 can be replaced by other versions). You may also request to download all the styles that are available for EndNote. Note: including all the styles in your EndNote program will slow down the speed of launching and its performance.
  • Use the EndNote user forum which can be accessed from the bottom of the left column at http://endnote.com/. Then choose “EndNote Styles, Filters, and Connections” to search for any related posts or ask for help from other users.
  • To create the style on your own by saving a copy of style similar to your desired one. Then make changes according to your style’s format.
  • Call the EndNote Technical Support for help. It takes two weeks or so for them to create a new style.

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