Not Able to Import References from Another EndNote Library

September 24, 2010 – Yingting  

Question: I am using EndNote X4 and try to import references from one EndNote library to another. However, I am not able to. A pop-up message says ‘A file associated with “File Attachments” field of reference is missing from the source database’.

Answer: When this message shows up, it means one of the references has a bad link in the File Attachments field, i.e. the fulltext file (pdf or doc, etc) is missing from the .data folder. To resolve this issue, you may open both the source library and the target library. Then copy the references from the source library and paste them in the target library batch by batch. If you come across the problematic reference in a batch, then either correct the reference by attaching the file/deleting the attachment or simply delete that reference if it is not important.


2 Responses

  1. This answer is not practical. I can not go through hundreds of references to find one corrupted file. I really hope there is an easier work-around.

  2. I agree, I also haven’t got the time for this approach. Can bad links be repaired, or removed in some way before copying between libraries.

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