How to Cite While You Write with Writer

September 1, 2009 – Yingting  

EndNote X3 for Windows is compatible with Writer which is an open source word processor. How to cite while you write with Writer? EndNote X3 Help provides step-by-step instructions as below:

To Cite While You Write with Writer:
  • Open the EndNote library or libraries that contain the references you wish to cite.
  • Start Writer and open the paper you are writing.
  • When you are ready to cite a source, position the cursor in the text where you would like to put the citation.
  • In Writer, go to the EndNote menu and select Find Citation(s).  An EndNote Find Citations dialog appears, which shows the previous search results.

Note: If this is the first time you have used the Find Citations dialog, it may be completely blank because there are no previous search results to display.

  • In the Find box, enter identifying text for EndNote to locate the appropriate reference. This could be an author’s last name, a year, a keyword, or any other combination of terms found in the reference.
  • Click Search and EndNote compares the identifying text to your EndNote references and then lists the matching reference(s).
  • Identify, highlight, and Insert the appropriate reference(s).
  • Go back to step 3 to insert the next citation, and continue citing references this way.

Note: Each time you insert a citation it is instantly formatted, and a bibliography is updated at the end of your document. When you are done inserting citations, your document is done!

  • If your citations are not automatically formatted, and a bibliography is not updated each time you insert a citation, go to the EndNote menu and select Format Bibliography.       A Format Bibliography dialog appears, where you can change, or simply verify, the style and layout of the bibliography. (You can Format Bibliography at any time in order to change the style or layout of your citations and bibliography.)

Note: The dialog lists the styles that are currently selected as your “favorites” in the Style Manager. If you need to choose a style that is not in the list, click Browse to locate it.

  • Click OK. EndNote scans your paper and, using the selected style, formats any temporary citations, reformats formatted citations, and appends a bibliography to the end of your paper.    Your paper is now ready for publication!

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