How do you get a library created on EndNote WEB into Word?

December 17, 2008 – Yingting


In order to insert references kept in your EndNote Web into a paper in Word, you need first to install a plug-in to add an EndNote Web toolbar to Word. This toolbar allows you to create bibliographies in Word. The plug-in is available from the “Download Installers” link at the bottom of the screen once you are logged in to your account from   

To insert your references from your EndNote Web while you write a paper in Word, you need to choose EndNote Web plug-in which you downloaded previously. To choose the EN Web application, go to the Tools menu\EndNote X2 Cite While You Write Preferences in Word, click on the Application tab and then choose EndNote Web in the pull-down menu under “Select the Cite While You Write” application. You may choose between EndNote desktop and EndNote Web in that pull-down menu depending on which EndNote platform (EndNote desktop or EndNote Web) you use. For more information on EndNote Web, please go to this page at to  view the FAQs on EndNote Web prepared by Thomson Reuters.

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