How To Make a Backup Copy of Your Library

December 16, 2008 –Yingting  

It is a good practice to back up your library whenever you make changes. There are two ways of backing up your library:

1. To use the Save a Copy command to create an exact copy of your library. Here are the steps:

  • With a library open, choose Save a Copy from the File menu.
  • Name the new library and choose where to save it.
  • Click Save and EndNote creates a copy of the library.

The new library does not open, it is simply saved to disk, where you can then open it with EndNote. EndNote leaves your original library open as it was before the command was chosen. Note: The Save a Copy command creates a [library name].ENL file as well as a [library name].DATA folder for the new library, and copies all necessary files and figures to it.

2. To use the Compressed Library command to save a copy of your library and .data folder together in a compressed file (.enlx) which can be easily restored later by opening it in EndNote. Here are the steps:

  • From the File menu, select Compressed Library (.enlx) and then Create.
  • Use the file dialog to save to an EndNote Compressed Library (filename.enlx).
  • You may also use this command to send a copy of yoru library to a colleague.

Note: EndNote libraries larger than 4 gigabytes (GB) or 65,535 files (64 K) cannot be compressed with EndNote’s Compressed Library commands.

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