To Find Fulltext for a Reference

October 18, 2008 – Yingting


EndNote X2 can automatically locate and download full text files if the library provides access to them. When you retrieve the full text file of a referenced work, it is saved to the File Attachments field as a relative link (the file itself it stored in the current library’s .DATA folder). The file is saved in its native format, which in most cases is a PDF file. When a full text file is downloaded and attached to a reference, a file attachment icon appears in the File Attachment field for the reference. In the Library window, a paper clip icon appears in the File Attachments column for that reference.


To find and retrieve full text:


1.   Open your library and select the reference(s) to which you want to add full text by highlighting them. (Note: try to select a small batch of references to download the full text each time so that it does not slow down the performance of other activities on your computer)

2.   From the References menu, select Find Full Text. You can use the right-click contextual menu to select Find Full Text if you have a reference open.

3.      EndNote begins searching for and downloading full text for the selected references.


During the searching and downloading process, the selected references appear in a temporary Full Text group. When the operation is completed, the Full Text group includes only those references to which EndNote added either a full text file attachment or a URL. When you close the library, the temporary Full Text group is removed.

Full text downloading happens in the background, which may affect the performance of other operations.


If EndNote finds a full text file for a reference, but discovers that the reference already has a file attachment with the same name, the new copy will also be attached to the reference, but with a number appended to the file name.

You can cancel the Find Full Text operation at any time by clicking Stop full text download in the status line at the bottom of the window. Full text that has been retrieved until that point is already saved in the library.


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