How to Import References from PubMed into an EndNote Library

September 4, 2008 – Yingting


References from PubMed can be stored and managed in EndNote by using the “Import” function, as shown below:  

  1. Conduct a search in PubMed.
  2. Select the references you want to keep by clicking in the checkboxes next to them.
  3. Make sure MEDLINE was chosen in the Display box in the upper right corner of the screen. The default display is usually in “Summary” form, showing citations without abstracts. From the pull-down menu select “MEDLINE”. This will change the display format of the references to be tagged in the manner needed for EndNote to correctly import the references.
  4. In the “Sent to” pull-down menu, choose “File”. A File Dowlnload window will pop up.
  5. Click on the Save button in the pop-up window and then save the references as a text file. The default name for the file is “pubmed_result”, but you can change it to your own choice. Then click on the Close button of the pop-up window.
  6. Start EndNote.
  7. Open the library or create a new library into which you want to import the records.
  8. From the File menu of EndNote, select Import. An “Import” window will appear.
  9. Click on “Choose File…” and slect the .txt file that was saved from PubMed. 
  10. In the Import Option pull-down menu, choose “PubMed (NLM)” as the import filter. This tells EndNote how the data in the .txt file was organized so that the appropriate information can be filtered into the EndNote library. 
  11. When importing into an existing library, decide what to do with duplicates from the options provided in the “Duplicates” drop-down list. 
  12. In the “Text Translation” field, keep “no translation”.
  13. Press the “Import” button.
  14. The references will be placed into your chosen library.  

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