Why Does Only the EndNote Web Tab Appear in Word?

August 5, 2008 – Marie  

Question: I notice when I am prompted to perform some type of Windows update on my computer, I see the EndNote Web instead of the EndNote tab in Microsoft Word 2007. Why does this occur?

Answer: Sometimes, when a Windows-based computer downloads and installs updates, changes take place in any version of Microsoft Word causing the EndNote toolbar or EndNote tab (if you are using Microsoft 2007) to change to the ENdNote Web toolbar or tab. There is a simple fix for Microsoft Word 2007. For those using earlier versions of Microsoft Word, contact a reference librarian on your campus or EndNote Support at 800-336-4474 for guidance. Here are the instructions: 


  • Click on Preferences in the Endnote tab (near top right of page). 
  • Click on the Application tab in the EndNote Preferences Window.
  • Change the Application drop-down box to EndNote instead of EndNote Web.
  • EndNote tab should reappear in Word.

3 Responses

  1. I have spent 2 days trying to figure this out. A million thanks

  2. I am unable to change and select the Endnote from Endnote Web. 😦

  3. Oh my god thank you so much I literally was on my computer googling and troubleshooting for three hours, even endnote’s website doesn’t have this documentation. THANK YOU So MUCH.

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