How to Solve Problems Installing EndNote X2

July 24, 2008 – Marie

Question: I used winzip or another unzipping program and now when I try to install EndNote on my computer, I get a message asking me to register EndNote or evaluate it. 

Answer: The message you are sharing with me pops up when use your mouse and left-double click the zipped EndNote folder you downloaded from the library page. EndNote is not recognizing your valid license file. Click cancel to close the Endnote window showing a message similar to the one above.

To unzip EndNote, follow the steps below instead.

  • Right-click the EndNote zip file. Click on the option Extract All.
  • In the Next pop-up window that appears, click on Browse because it is a good idea to place the files you are about to extract in a new folder in My Documents.
  • Okay at this point, click on the Option Next near the bottom of the extract window. You should get a message saying all files have been extracted. Now you can use your mouse to double-click the EndNote folder that appears.  

This folder has two files.  Your mission is to use the left side of the mouse to double-click the first file to install EndNote. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marie at 973-972-9546, or the other librarians in the Contact Us folder.


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